Kunsthallen Brænderigården, Viborg.
Fernisering 1 september kl. 16.00
01. September - 01. October 2006

DENMARK: Finn Have, Tine Hind, René Holm, Leif Kath, Malene Landgreen, Lars Norgaard, Steen Rasmussen, Ole Sporring, Jasper Sebastian Stürup, Sergej Sviatchenko.

ITALY: Carla Accardi, Chiara Armellini, Sauro Cardinali, Nicola Carrino, Bruno Ceccobelli, Perio Dorazio, Graziano Marini, Franco Troiani, Caludio Verna, Antonella Zazzera.

ISRAEL: Avishay Ayal, Yaacov Dorchin, Avraham Eilat, Belu Simon Fainaru, Yair Garbuz, Yaacov Hefetz, Alisa Olmert, Josyane Vanounou, Sharif Waked, Manar Zuabi.

POLAND: Malgorzata Bielecka, Marian Czapla, Tomasz Domanski, Aleksandra Gieraga, Bartlomiej Michalowski, Malgorzata Moneta, Grzegorz Pleszynski, Henryk Sykora,
Zbigniew Warpechowski, Teresa Zebrowska.

USA: Tom Bills, John Ingram, Mary Judge, Jim Osman, David Row, Jack Sal, Barbara Schwartz, Gwenn Thomas, Stephen Westfall, Allan Wexler.

Curator: Daniele Di Lodovico (Italy)

Suitcase is a travelling art exhibition. The project was conceived by the curator Daniele Di Lodovico while a cultural/research in New York at the end of 2004.
Tha idea is to involve one hundred artists from ten different countries with small scale drawings on a particular paper (Fabriano paper - size: 11,5 x 17 cm) easily transported and to pursue the idea of the voyage with curatorial experiences. New contacts will be created with the artists of different nationatilities, looking for new exhibition spaces every time. The trip will be described with the language of contemporary art checking the differencies and the connections among the artists and the countries through the contemporary art. All the artists can express their creativity without limits, using the particular paper, in order to show their creativity and passion through the art. The exhibition “Suitcase” invites viewers to consider the dynamic language of contemporary art among different cultures from a perspective that could include the whole world.

The cultural trip “Suitcase” was first exhibited at New York Public Library's Art Collection Galleries in New York City on April 13, 2005 with ten italian and ten american artists. The cultural trip continued on 4 September 2005 in Italy in the Contemporary Art space of Museum of Palazzo Pietromarchi in Marsciano (Perugia) and on 19 of November 2005 was exhibited in Israel in the Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art (Haifa) where ten Israeli artists have been added. Last exibit was presented between March - April 2006 in the “Winda Galery” in the Kieleckie Centrum Kultury in Keilce, Poland where ten more artists from Poland have been added.

After be showed in Denmark the project will continue in France, Belgium ,China, Japan and Germany. A color catalogue will be printed at the end of the project to document the cultural trip.

Weblog 25. august 2006