In the last century there was vehement discussion about the aesthetic value of sketches and 
whether or not they could be considered to have status of art, or if they were stages in the 
completion of the final work of art itself. Since then we have opened our eyes to the quality of 
sketches, and since Expressionism swept through the world at the beginning of this century, 
they have won several supporters. The painter Finn Have is one of them. He has an eye for bold 
strokes and his artistic temperament is unsuited to fussing over small details. He opens his 
senses, and when the impressions have settled, he boils them down to essential characteristics; 
everything else is irrelevant. Several of the paintings have been made later with the fast made 
sketch as an aid to memory. Yet the freshness and spontaneity is preserved, and it is the force 
of his pictures. Appropriately his natural choice of motif is often drawn from human interactions, 
the meeting of people and nature - and travel impressions. The motifs are sensed, flowing 
together and separating.  And life goes hastily on.
( Text: Birgit Hessellund )

( text to exhibition catalog, Leninggrad 1989 )